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Posted on 27th February 2012
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The School Shooting in Ohio Today.

A 16 year old boy died today.  A 16 year old who got up that morning normally, did nothing wrong, and just went to school.  His whole life ahead, and it was just ended by the pull of a trigger. There are also 4 kids injured, 2 of them in critical condition because a PEER that opened fire in the CAFETERIA. It’s horrifying and it’s heartbreaking.  
Why did no one notice years ago that there was something unstable about the shooter? Why didn’t his parents notice he was angry or depressed?  Why didn’t the parents lock up their gun, if it was theirs?  School shootings always scare me and always sadden me, because they can be prevented and because innocent lives get ruined.    

I hope the students at the high school, the victims, and their families can find peace. 

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